Definitely your last search for a simple best banana bread or cake recipe — I can guarantee that this banana cake recipe using 4 bananas is super buttery and moist – no dry texture problems with this. Remember, banana cakes must be eaten in 24 hours or less, to experience the its yummiest potential, whereas leaving it beyond that it tends to get bad easily. I would love to add – why not sweeten the deal after baking? Grab a banana cake and ice cream combo!

Banana Cake Recipe Using 4 Bananas

I need to mention that this amazing and home-goodness banana cake recipe using 4 bananas was inspired by the food blog Delish but my version is Gluten-Free but so equally uber-yummy – 200% on the money! But if you would want to do a banana cake recipe using steamer, this might work, although the consistency will be a bit different.

Right off the bat, see the ingredients below (do not worry, there is no need for a banana cake frosting – less hassle and less waistline damage LOL).

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Ingredients For Banana Cake Recipe Using 4 Bananas

If you have been watching Masterchef Australia then there is a chance you are searching for Australia’s best recipes easy banana cake which was really to die for, in my own opinion. But anyway, get going with my banana cake recipe using 4 bananas below and start your baking!

3 Bananas – make sure they are very ripe – mash these

Note: this recipe won’t work for those wanting an easy banana cake recipe with 2 bananas

1 more banana – this is for the topping – very ripe as well – cut these into whatever style you want

Note: this banana cake recipe can be baked using cake flour instead of the gluten-free variety below.

Gluten-Free Flour – use 1 cup or 128 grams

Butter – 113 grams – and melted in the microwave

Buttermilk – 60 grams – if not available, in my case I used ordinary milk and squeezed a lemon into it

Granulated Sugar – 150 grams – but in my case I used 135 grams as this recipe can be awash with all things sweet

Baking Soda – 1 tsp

Salt – 1/4 tsp

Whole Egg – 1

Egg Yolk – 1

Vanilla Extract – 1 tsp

Caramel – please use a tad less of half a cup – can be really overpowering in the end result

Flaky Salt to garnish on top – for me this is optional

Note: I would also like to add that making a banana cake that is easy with no butter? This is entirely impossible as some people might be looking for banana bread recipe with box cake mix that you can find in the supermarket but really there is no need for such as this recipe here is quite easy and a whole load of home-baking goodness!

Banana Cake Recipe Photo

How To Bake

Since I am based in the UK so the baking terminologies will be mostly British.

Set the oven to 160 degrees or 170, but I always use 160 in my baking stuff which usually works with a banana cake recipe for a round tin.

So now, butter the bottom and sides of your baking loaf tin – or you can use a square style baking pan like the non stick silicone modern type but for a traditional rustic feel then go for the tin or pan type. By the way, you can use baking paper on the pan, it is fine – easier to lift the cake but either way you can just slide and flip the cake over without it as this recipe is buttery.

Get a glass bowl or Pyrex, and then add the flour, baking soda and salt – vigorously mix it or whisk.

Then in another big bowl you can do the wet ingredients or elements. So throw in the sugar, butter, then buttermilk, vanilla, egg and then the egg yolk – then mix it very well making sure no more bubbly bits, go for smooth consistency.

Now bring this mixture into the first bowl – the dry ingredients – and carefully stir. Then add the mashed bananas – fold into the mixture then add the caramel. But to add on how to bake a moist banana cake recipe, then add some coconut oil to the banana cake mixture, like a one and a half tablespoons, but you can use any vegetable oil but some can be bitter tasting.

Please do not forget to leave some caramel at the end too for drizzling, and for sure that will make you a nice banana cake recipe!

Pour the mixture into the baking pan. Then add the sliced or cubed banana toppings on the top.

Bake for 1 hour, but take it out really at 55 minutes to get that moist, not dry cake result. The best finish for this recipe is make sure it is baked golden – rustic look achieved.

Let it cool.

Last stage, of course, is the caramel drizzling – my favourite part – the easy bit – and then optional sprinkling of salt on top.

Enjoy your perfect banana cake recipe using only 4 bananas – this formula will surely rival the banana cake Japanese recipe that I always see online where people are exploring this kind of style but who knows it can really topple the good old basic recipe!

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